Ace Ventura Pet Detective Three

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (TV series)

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is an animated television series based on the film of the same name. The series was produced by Morgan Creek Productions and the Canadian company Nelvana for Warner Bros. Studios. It aired from 1995 to 1997 on CBS. The series aired in re-runs on Nickelodeon from 1999 to 2000.


The series is a spin-off of the Ace Ventura movies. The titular character, voiced by Michael Daingerfield, is a goofy private investigator with a predilection for animals of all species.

The show ran on CBS for two seasons, with a third season airing on Nickelodeon when that channel acquired the show to broadcast reruns. Many of the characters from the movie were retained, though not voiced by their original actors. While the original movies already had a strongly cartoonish comedic aesthetic, they were eclipsed by the slapstick and garish humor of the cartoon.

Written by Seth MacFarlane, the show was rife with toilet humor and anachronisms (one episode centered around the Egyptian Mau, claiming it to be an extinct breed of cat, when, in fact, they are not), displaying similar humor to his later series, Family Guy. Despite running in a time slot after The Mask (another popular Jim Carrey-based cartoon) and a well-advertised crossover with that show, the series failed to gain a large audience. Ultimately, both The Mask and Ace Ventura were cancelled.

A computer game, Ace Ventura, was based on the show.



  • Executive Producers: James G. Robinson, Gary Barber, Robert Mandell
  • Co Executive Producers: Michael Hirsch, Patrick Loubert, Toper Taylor
  • Produced by: Jocelyn Hamilton
  • Supervising Producer: Stephen Hodgins
  • Line Producers: Dave Beatty, Patricia R. Burns
  • Directed by: Dave Pemberton
  • Story Editors: Duane Capizzi, Tom Mason, Dan Danko
  • Assistant Directors: Paul Riley, Mike Csunyoscka
  • Casting: Jessie Thomson
  • Voice Director: Dan Hennessey
  • Production Secretary: Joanne Boreham
  • Unit Manager: Joyce Marshall
  • Unit Director: Ruta Cube
  • Production Supervisor: Steve Chadwick
  • Production Coordinator: E. Stephanie Kravos
  • Production Managers: Lauri Towata, Craig Wilson
  • Production Assistants: Caroline Simmons, Gitte Barrows, Ken Stephenson
  • Storyboard Artists: David Thomas, Rob Walton, Frank Lintzen, Steve Remen, John Flagg, Lyndon Ruddy, Dan Nosella, Drew Edwards, Andrew Tan, Allan Parker, Ian Baggley
  • Storyboard Coordinator: Dave Baggley
  • Storyboard Cleanup: Dave Quensnelle
  • Animation Director: Rick Marshall
  • Layout Artists: Raymond Pang, Michael McKay, Brad Markewitz, Luc Latulippe, Riccardo Durante, David Pietila, Chad Hicks, Blayne Burnside, Birgit Schulz, Leslie Rogers, Nixon J. Lyons
  • Layout Supervisor: Steve Fitch
  • Layout Coordinators: Vivian Cheuk, Giles Sander
  • Background Artists: Michael Doraty, Marisa Fidanza
  • Color Stylists: Trudy Binder, Maria Boylan, Jennifer Lee, Rebecca Barklay, Dale Cox
  • Designers: Judy Leung, Goran Delic, Mark Poulin, Rob Clark, Jerry Popowich, Rodney Dunn, Drazen Kozjan, Jess Alstolfo, Neil McNeil, Trevor Deane Freeman
  • Design Supervisors: Brad Coombs, Derek Prout, Jason Groh
  • Key Animators: Richard Weston, Ed Lee, Alan Knappett, Enzo Avolio, Kent Laursen, Todd Sullivan, Scott Glynn
  • Music by: Ray Parker, Tom Szczesniak
  • Music Supervisor: Ralph Cole
  • Theme Song Written by: Joe Curiale, Tim Torrance
  • Music Producer: Stephen Hudecki
  • Music Editors: Peter Branton, Anthony Crea, David Shaw
  • Supervising Sound Editors: Scott McCrorie, Glenn Barna
  • Sound Effects Editors: John Baktis, Craig Marshall, Eric Mattar-Hurlbut, Ryan Araki, Bob Cobban
  • Supervising Editor: Rob Kirkpatrick
  • Post Production Supervisors: Lan Lamon, Tracy Grant
  • Dialogue Editors: Keith Traver, Mark Grosicki
  • Supervising Pre-Production Editors: Darrell McDonald, Terry Carter, Sheila Murray, Aaron Holm, Peter Winninger, John Dubiel, Ken Hurlbut, Fred Spek, Shelley Mills-Hughes
  • Picture Editor: Richard Bond
  • Assistant Picture Editors: Mhairi Kerr, Dave Dias
  • Supervising Breakdown Editor: Rick Dubiel

DVD release

A three-episode DVD of the show was bundled with the two Ace Ventura movies. The back of the package has a mistake in the description of the episode "The Reindeer Hunter," stating that Santa's main reindeer, Rudolph, has been kidnapped when in truth, Rudolph is not in the episode at all, rather it was the rest of his reindeer that had been kidnapped.

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