Academician Lomonosov


[lom-uh-naw-sawf, -sof; Russ. luh-muh-naw-suhf]

The name Lomonosov (Ломоно́сов) may refer to:

Named after Mikhail Lomonosov:
*Lomonosov, Russia, (formerly Oranienbaum)
*M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia's largest university
*Lomonosov Bridge, bridge across the Fontanka River in Saint Petersburg, Russia
*Lomonosov Ridge, underwater oceanic ridge in the Arctic Ocean
*Lomonosov (lunar crater), lunar crater located just behind the western limb of the Moon
*Lomonosov (Martian crater), medium crater on Mars
*Lomonosov Gold Medal, annual award given by the Russian Academy of Sciences

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