Absheron (Rayon)

Absheron Rayon

Abşeron Rayon
Population: 90,200
Area (km².): 1,360
Telephone Code 012
Capital: Xırdalan

Absheron Rayon (Abşeron, Апшерон), also spelled as Apsheron, is a rayon of Azerbaijan demarkated in 1963. Although it shares the same name as the Absheron Peninsula, the area covered by the rayon is not conterminous, being further west and mostly inland.


  • Azeris 96.2% (86,592)
  • Other 3.8% (3,608)

Origin of the name

The name Absheron is Persian and comes from the Persian word Abshuran (آبشوران) meaning "The place of the Salty Waters".

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