Above All


The One-Above-All is a fictional comic book character appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. The character is introduced in Doctor Strange vol. 2, #13 (Apr. 1976) and was created by Steve Englehart.

Fictional character biography

The One-Above-All is first mentioned as "God" by the cosmic entity the Living Tribunal during an encounter with Dr. Strange. The One-Above-All also subtly manipulates the Titan Thanos into recreating the universe and thereby "fixing" a fundamental flaw that would have eventually destroyed it. The superhero team the Fantastic Four later travel to Heaven and meet a being that is apparently God. The entity finally appears in physical form as a homeless man to Peter Parker (Spider-Man), and encourages him when his Aunt May is close to death.

Powers and abilities

As "God", the "One-Above-All" is the creator of the Earth-616 universe and all other alternate realities and is therefore omnipotent (within the scope of Marvel Comics).


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