Activating transcription factor 1, also known as ATF1, is a human gene.

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  • Fujimura Y, Ohno T, Siddique H, Lee L, Rao VN, Reddy ES (1996). "The EWS-ATF-1 gene involved in malignant melanoma of soft parts with t(12;22) chromosome translocation, encodes a constitutive transcriptional activator". Oncogene 12 (1): 159–67.
  • Fujimura Y, Siddique H, Lee L, Rao VN, Reddy ES (2001). "EWS-ATF-1 chimeric protein in soft tissue clear cell sarcoma associates with CREB-binding protein and interferes with p53-mediated trans-activation function". Oncogene 20 (46): 6653–9.

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