ASCII ribbon

ASCII Ribbon Campaign

The ASCII ribbon campaign is an Internet phenomenon started in 1998 advocating that e-mail be sent only in plain text, because of inefficiencies and dangers of the HTML system when used with email.

  ascii ribbon campaign - against HTML e-mail
/   - against proprietary attachments

ASCII ribbon campaign ()
against HTML e-mail   X

/" / ASCII Ribbon Campaign

X    against HTML e-mail


Following the development of Microsoft Windows 95, certain people became annoyed that they were receiving email in HTML and other non-human readable formats. Sally Hambridge of the Intel Corporation wrote in the RFC 1855 entitled "Netiquette Guidelines" dated October 1995: "Do not include control characters or non-ASCII attachments in email messages". The first known appearance of a ribbon in support of the campaign was in the signature of an email dated 17th June 1998 by Mauricio Teixeira of Brazil

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