Agustín Gómez-Arcos

Agustin Gomez-Arcos (15 January 1939-20 March 1998) was a Spanish writer. He was born in Enix, Spain. He studied law but quit university for theater. However, some of his work was banned in Franco's Spain. He emigrated to France in 1966 and wrote primarily in French, often with themes condemning the fascist Spanish state. He died in Paris of cancer.


  • L'Agneau carnivore (The Carnivorous Lamb) won the 1975 Hermès Prize
  • Maria republica, 1976
  • Ana non won the 1977 Inter book prize
  • L'enfant pain, 1983
  • Un oiseau brûlé vif (A Bird Burned Alive), 1984

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