AMD Jerry Sanders Creative Design Competition

Jerry Sanders Creative Design Competition

The AMD Jerry Sanders Creative Design Competition (JSDC) is an annual competition where engineering students design and implement robots that are able to perform required objectives, with awards amounting to as much as $2,000. It is a "two-day contest of robotic design and engineering. Each year, a new game objective is created that tests the skills of the teams in creative design and functionality. After almost a year of hard work, teams come to UIUC Engineering Open House to compete in the arena for a grueling two day event that leaves many robots destroyed but ultimately one winning robot. JSDC is a huge event that attracts many visitors and students that enjoy watching the competition of various robotic designs."

"The competition promotes engineering disciplines and offers students a chance to demonstrate their technical abilities and creativity while applying knowledge learned in engineering courses. Overall, the design competition presents a well-rounded multi-disciplinary engineering challenge to future engineers." A simplified component of the competition allows high school students to be involved.

The 21st annual 2008 competition "[featured] 150-pound remote controlled robots that will compete against each other to retrieve hula hoops and Frisbees and score them in specific time-alternating goals."


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