Aeronáutica Industrial S.A. is a Spanish aeronautical company specialising in the maintenance and upgrading of helicopters. It was established in Madrid in 1923 and through the course of the 20th century manufactured a number of light aircraft designs including Cierva autogyros. In 1954, AISA purchased the Spanish manufacturer Iberavia and took over the I-11 light plane project, eventually building around 400 examples. In 1982 it attempted, unsuccessfully, to market an autogyro design of its own, the GN.

The company was bought by CASA in 1995, but continues to operate under its own name.

List of Aircraft

  • Iberavia I-11 (1951) - One-piston-engine two-seat trainer/touring aircraft with fixed tricycle undercarriage and side-by-side seating configuration. Two prototypes built
  • AISA I-11B (1952) AISA production version of I-11, with smaller canopy and tailwheel undercarriage. Used by civil aviation clubs and Spanish Air Force.
  • AISA I-115 "E-6" (1950s) Variant of I-11B with revised fuselage incorporating tandem seating. Used by Spanish Air Force
  • AISA GN (1982) One-piston-engine four-seat autogyro prototype. One built; not produced


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