ADS 1152

Omega Andromedae

Omega Andromedae (ω And / ω Andromedae) is a star system in the constellation Andromeda. It is approximately 92.3 light years from Earth.

The system is composed of two binary stars separated by 120 arcseconds on the sky. The primary component, ω Andromedae A, is a yellow-white F-type subgiant with an apparent magnitude of +4.83. It's binary companion, ω Andromedae B, is a 12th magnitude star 2 arcseconds away. The second binary, ω Andromedae C and D, is a pair of 10th magnitude stars separated by 4.9 arcseconds.



  1. Image ω Andromedae
  3. High proper-motion Star


NAME Right ascension Declination Apparent magnitude (V) Database references
ω Andromedae B (ADS 1152 C) 01h 27m 42s +45° 24' Simbad
ω Andromedae C (CCDM J01277+4524CD) 01h 27m 39.2s +45° 24' 22'' 10.4 Simbad
ω Andromedae D (ADS 1152 D) 01h 27m 42s +45° 24' Simbad

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