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A//Political was an anarcho-punk band from Baltimore, Maryland.


A//Political was active during the mid to late 90s. Their style is similar to that of many "peace punk" bands from the early 1980s and was heavily influenced by anarcho-punk bands like Crass and Conflict. Members were involved in the Crasshole Collective and the Anarcho-Punk Federation (A.P.F.). Many members were in other local punk bands such as Coexist, Flag Fallen and U.S. War Commission. Stas (vocals) also sang for Boston area anarcho-punk band, Krema-1.

A//Political also started the Anarcho-Punk Federation (A.P.F.), but was stopped short because of political disagreement on key issues between members. The band, along with the Crasshole Collective, produced several communiques explaining their ideas on peace and anarchy. The band has also produced several other writings on anarchy and their political beliefs.

The Crasshole Collective also doubled as a record label. While they were mainly responsible for releasing their first album, "Planting the Seeds of Revolution," on tape and their 7" ep, "Propaganda by Deed" they also produced at least two compilation tapes of various politically minded bands and a tape by Flag Fallen. The musical caliber of the comp tapes varied wildly because recording quality or musical talent were not used as filter criteria. Instead, the message of the bands was the focus. Crasshole was also responsible for distributing various nearly impossible to find discographies of lesser known British anarcho-punk bands from the early 80's such as The Alternative.

Crasshole also produced the little known and poorly recorded debut album from the now well known folk-punk band Against Me!. Only a handful of the first run were sold.


  • Planting the Seeds of Revolution - LP Cassette - Crasshole Records
  • Propaganda by Deed - 7" EP - Crasshole Records
  • Punk Is a Ghetto - 7" EP - Profane Existence Records
  • Split with Counterpoise - 7" EP - Autonomous Action

The band recorded 6 songs for 3 split 7" EPs that were never released because they broke up.

Lucean of Against Empire is currently creating the bands discography record. However, the release has been put under constant delay, due to lack of time to write it in 4 different langueges. The discography is set to be released by Summer 2008.


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