95/Dan Ryan

95/Dan Ryan (CTA)

The 95/Dan Ryan station is currently the southern terminus of the Chicago Transit Authority's Red Line and is one of the busiest stops in the system, behind the Clark/Lake station. Located at 14 West 95th Street in Chicago, Illinois (directional coordinates 9500 south, 14 west), the station is situated in the median of the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Approximately 50,000 people go through the terminal every day. Many commuters from the far south side or suburbs connect to 95th Street via the CTA bus system. It is the farthest south stop in the CTA system. In 2006 Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. announced plans to extend Red Line service further south. Proposed new stations would include 103rd Street, 111th Street, 115th Street/Michigan Avenue ending at 130th Street/Stony Island Avenue.

Bus Connections

CTA Buses

  • #N5 South Shore Night Bus (Owl Service)
  • #N9 Ashland (Owl Service)
  • #29 State
  • #34 South Michigan (Owl Service)
  • #95E 93rd/95th
  • #95W West 95th
  • #100 Jeffery Manor Express
  • #103 West 103rd
  • #106 East 103rd
  • #108 Halsted/95th
  • #111 Pullman/111th/115th
  • #112 Vincennes/111th
  • #119 Michigan/119th

Pace Buses

  • #352 Halsted
  • #353 95th-Riverdale/Homewood
  • #359 Robbins/South Kedzie Avenue
  • #381 95th Street
  • #395 CTA 95th St. Station/UPS Hodgkins
  • #1012 Sears/Prairie Stone
  • Greyhound Bus Lines

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