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7HO FM (call sign: 7HHO) is one of 3 commercial radio stations in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. It began in 1931, closely followed by 7LA in Launceston as the first commercial radio station in its city, broadcasting under the callsign of 7HO. It is currently transmitted on 101.7 MHz FM and has had many peronalities over the years. For quite some time is was known as MIX101 HOFM and then simply HOFM. On Monday 5th November 2007, HOFM re-added the 7 to the HOFM branding, therefore changing its on-air name to7HO FM Hobarts feel good station.

7HO FM is owned by Grant Broadcasting and has local programming and news,and as of early November 2007 it dropped the John Laws Morning Show' and replaced it with a wide variety workday which kicks off weekdays from 9am and is a music based format, the music format is Hot Adult Contemporary playing songs from the 80's 90's and today ".The stations current on air line up is Breakfast Tori and the Saint, Morning John Inglis,Drive with Wolfie and nights with Richard Moore.

The callsign 7HO originated from the name of the founder, Ron Hope, and the two first letters of the city, Hobart.

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