73d Bomb Wing

310th Bomb Wing

The 310th Bomb Wing has gone through many reassignments, redesignations, inactivations, reactivations, and reattachments during its career in the Air Force. First it was a light bomb wing under the Air Corps Reserve during World War II, then inactivated in 1949. Reactivated as a medium bomb wing under Strategic Air Command during the Korean War, it was active until the end of the Vietnam War. Again activated in 1991, the 310 wing designation would go to a training and testing wing under Air Combat Command before being inactivated again. The lineage is now carried by the 310th Space Group.


310th Bombardment Wing (Light)

The first unit to have the 310th Bomb Wing designation, the 310th Bombardment Wing (Light) [310BW(L)], was organized as an Air Corps Reserve unit on 19 February, 1947, and activated on July 10, 1947 at Tinker Air Field (now Tinker Air Force Base), Oklahoma. The wing flew A-26 Invaders until the unit deactivated 27 June 1949.

(323d Bombardment Group was redesignated the 323d Bombardment Wing (Light) at the same time)

310th Bombardment Wing (Medium)

The second unit to have the 310th Bomb Wing designation is the 310th Bombardment Wing (Medium) [310 BW(M)]. The wing flew B-47 Stratojet bombers from 1956 to 1963, then transitioned to the B-52 Stratofortress for service in Vietnam. The 310 BW(M) was deactivated on 25 June, 1965.

detached 1 March 1954-28 March 1954; 28 December 1955-26 February 1956; 25 November 1957-December 1957; 25 March 1958-8 July 1958; 15 April 1965-25 June 1965

  • Station: Smoky Hill AFB (later Schilling AFB), Kansas
  • received initial training at Forbes AFB, Kansas from the 90th Bombardment Wing April 1952-4 September 1952

    KC-97 Stratotanker 1952

    kept KC-97 Stratotanker (1952)
    added B-47 Stratojet 1954

    kept KC-97 Stratotanker (1952)
    added Atlas missile April 1961; missiles went on alert September 1962

    lost B-47 Stratojet 1963
    added B-52 Stratofortress 1963
    kept KC-97 Stratotanker (1952)

    kept B-52 Stratofortress (1963)
    lost KC-97 Stratotanker 1964
    added KC-135 Stratotanker 1964

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