700 Level

700 Level

The 700 Level referred to the seats in the upper deck of Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia. Usually the most rowdy fans were there, especially at Philadelphia Eagles games and to a lesser extent Philadelphia Phillies games. In his book, If Football's a Religion, Why Don't We Have a Prayer?, Jere Longman described the 700 Level as having a reputation for "hostile taunting, fighting, public urination and general strangeness." Due to an improvement in facilities, there is no equivalent in either Lincoln Financial Field or Citizens Bank Park. The name has also been the inspiration for websites relating to Philadelphia sports, as well as a weekly "Letters to the Editor" section in the Sunday Sports pages of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Many Philly fans still talk about the "700 Level", but this now refers to a state of mind rather than the actual physical place. This attitude was reflected in the "700 Level Sports Fanatics" radio broadcast on WPEN prior to its switch to ESPN Radio, but still lives on by way of the independent fan-run Philly sports blog www.The700Level.com.

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