66 (number)

66 (number)

66 (sixty-six) is the natural number following 65 and preceding 67.





The National Football League retired jersey number 66 for Green Bay Packers linebacker Ray Nitschke. The last Packer to wear number 66 before it was retired in 1983 to honor Nitschke was offensive tackle Larry Pfohl who is better known to pro wrestling fans as Lex Luger.

Also, the number 66 is retired by the Pittsburgh Penguins (National Hockey League) in honor of Mario Lemieux. Although not officially retired by the NHL, no players have worn the number 66 since its retirement in Pittsburgh as a sign of respect for Lemieux, considered by most as one of the best players to ever play the game.


66 (more specifically 66.667) Megahertz (MHz) is a very common divisor for the Front side bus (FSB) speed, Overall Central processing unit (CPU) speed, and base bus speed. On a Core 2 CPU, and a Core 2 Motherboard, the FSB is 1066 MHz (~16 x 66 MHz), the memory speed is usually 666.67 MHz (~10 x 66 MHz), and the processor speed is ranges from 1.86 Gigahertz (GHz) (~66 MHz x 28) to 2.93 GHz (~66 MHz x 44), in 266 MHz (~66 MHz x 4) increments.



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  • In Full Metal Alchemist elusive villain Barry the Chopper is imprisoned in cell number 66, which later becomes his alias when battling the brothers at Laboratory Five.

Historical years

66 A.D., 66 B.C., 1966, 2066, etc.

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