5th Dragoon Guards

5th Dragoon Guards

The 5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Dragoon Guards was a cavalry regiment in the British Army, first raised in 1685. It saw service for three centuries, before being amalgamated into the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards in 1922.

The regiment was first raised as the Duke of Shrewsbury's Regiment of Horse in 1685, by the regimenting of various independent troops, and ranked as the 6th Regiment of Horse. In 1746 it was transferred to the Irish establishment, where it was ranked as the 2nd Regiment of Horse, and transferred back to the British establishment in 1788 as the 5th Regiment of Dragoon Guards. In 1804 it took the title 5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Regiment of Dragoon Guards (later simply the 5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Dragoon Guards) for Princess Charlotte.

After service in the First World War, it retitled as 5th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) in 1921, and was amalgamated with the The Inniskillings (6th Dragoons), to form the 5th/6th Dragoons the following year.


  • List of titles: Shrewsbury's Horse (7th Horse)(1685 - 1687), Langdale's Horse(1687), Hamilton's Horse (1687 - 1688), Coy's Horse (1688 - 1691), 6th Horse (1691 - 1697), Arran's Horse (1697 - 1703), Cadogan's (1703 - 1712), Kellum's Horse (1712 - 1717), Napier's Horse (1717 - 1740), Neville's Horse (1740 - 1744), Cobham's Horse (1744 - 1745), Wentworth's Horse (1745 - 1746), 2nd Irish Horse (1746 - 1788), 5th Dragoon Guards (1788 - 1804), The 5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Dragoon Guards (1804 -)
  • Principle Battles & Campaigns:

War of Spanish Succession
1793 - 1802 French Revolutionary Wars
1808 - 1814 Peninsular War
1854 - 1855 Crimean War
1899 - 1902 South African War
1914 - 1918 The Great War


The Cheshire Military Museum, The Castle, Chester, CH1 2DN - Tl: 01244 327617 Open April-October 11am - 5pm (Sunday 2pm - 5.30pm)



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Change and Challenge: 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards 1928-1978 by C Blacker and H Woods (privately printed 1978)

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