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This article is about shoes used in skateboarding. For other uses, see Roller shoes

Skate shoes are shoes specially designed and manufactured for use in skateboarding. While many non-skaters choose to wear skate shoes, the design of the skate shoe includes many features designed for use in skating. These features almost invariably include a flat sole made of rubber or polyurethane, a suede or leather composition, and double or triple stitching.


Skate shoe companies have integrated a number of special features into their shoes. These innovations have a number of functions including preventing heel bruises, increasing "board Feel" through increased flexibility, and enhancing grip.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Vulcanized rubber soles
  • Air pockets in the heels
  • Shoelace protectors
  • DGT (DC Shoes)
  • Super Suede (DC Shoes)
  • System G2 Cushioning (etnies, Emerica, éS)
  • STI foam (etnies, Emerica, éS)
  • Lace Loops that "hide" shoelaces
  • 'Action Leather'
  • Thermoplastic Toe Box Reinforcement(Vox)
  • EVA Mid Sole
  • Fusion Grip Rubber Outsole
  • Asymmetric stabilizer
  • Silicon Rubber makes shoes last longer(SiRC)

Many features of the Skate Shoe are designed to increase its durability. The Skate Shoe is subjected to the abrasiveness of a skateboard's grip tape on a regular basis when worn by skaters. This is why skaters tend to go through shoes quickly. Super Suede, Action Leather, and plastic underlying the toe cap help to increase the durability of a skate shoe. Lace loops and protectors are designed to prevent laces from shredding by shielding the most common areas that contact with grip tape.

Other common features include: Triple stitching with thicker treads to prevent ripping, more width so that there is more contact with the board with thicker tongues and sides to compensate, and deep sole patterns for grip.

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