Unitrans 4509-4510

Unitrans 4509 & 4510 were two General Motors New Look buses operated in regular service by Unitrans in Davis, California. They had been owned by a previous operator(s) prior to their service with Unitrans.

4509 was one of a fleet of 15 identical buses built between 1960 and 1962 that were operated in Sacramento, CA by the Sacramento Transit Authority. While at Unitrans, 4509 was painted in the standard 1980s Unitrans paint scheme (a white lower-half and a black upper-half, with red and blue stripes running just below the point where the upper and lower halves meet).

4510 was repainted in the late-1980s with an experimental paint scheme that featured a wide blue band around the mid-section of the bus, topped by a narrow red pin-strip, over a white base (blue for the rear face of the bus). Due to the relatively large amount of blue paint in this color scheme, 4510 was affectionately known as the "Smurf Bus". 4510 was also a relatively old bus; it was built in 1959, the first year of production for the GM New Look bus.

Having been sold, they are no longer part of the Unitrans fleet.

Technical specifications

Manufacturer: General Motors Corporation, Truck & Coach Division

Model: TDH-4517 New Look

Date built: June, 1961 (4509), 1959 (4510)

Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V-71 diesel with an Allison VH 2-speed automatic transmission.

Length: 35 feet

Width: 8 feet

Seating capacity: 45

Original operator: Sacramento Transit Authority until 1973, Sacramento Regional Transit District after 1973 (4509)

Original fleet number: 140 (4509)

Date acquired by Unitrans: Early 1980s

Current status: 4509 was retired and sold between 1998 and 2000 to a private party in the Sacramento area who has since converted it to an RV. 4510 was retired and sold in late 1996.


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