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Duke of Grafton

The title of Duke of Grafton was created in 1675 by Charles II of England for his 2nd illegitimate son by the Duchess of Cleveland, Henry FitzRoy. The most famous duke was probably Augustus Henry FitzRoy, 3rd Duke of Grafton, who served as Prime Minister in the 1760s.

The Duke of Grafton holds three subsidiary titles, all created in 1672 in the peerage of England: Earl of Euston, Viscount Ipswich, and Baron Sudbury. The Duke's eldest son and heir uses the courtesy title Earl of Euston.

The family seat is Euston Hall in Suffolk.

Dukes of Grafton (1675)

Heir Apparent: James Oliver Charles FitzRoy, Earl of Euston (b. 1947)
Lord Euston's Heir Apparent: Henry Oliver Charles FitzRoy, Viscount Ipswich (b. 1978)


Most Dukedoms in Britain are of significant places such as counties, cities or major towns. Most Britons would, however, find it difficult to locate Grafton on a map of the kingdom. The title is that of the Honour of Grafton in the south east of Northamptonshire; the titular village now being called Grafton Regis.

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  • Falk, Bernard. The Royal Fitz Roys; Dukes of Grafton through Four Centuries. Hutchinson, 1950.

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