3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment (Australia)

3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment is an armoured regiment of the Australian Army, and is third in seniority in the Royal Australian Armoured Corps. The regiment was formed in 1981 through the amalgamation of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment and the 4th Cavalry Regiment.

3rd Cavalry

The 3rd Cavalry Regiment was formed in beginning of 1967, as a result of name changing conventions happening within Army Command of that era. 1st Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) Squadron by its redesignation from 4th/19th Prince of Wales's Light Horse was deployed to South Vietnam under the name of 1 APC SQN. During the unit's tour of duty, the squadron was then designated A Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment in 1967. B Squadron 3rd Cavalry Regiment however, was formed in Australia to provide a follow-on force and relieve A Squadron at the end of their term. As such, both A and B Squadron of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment would continue this extensive service throughout the remainder of Australia's involvement in Vietnam as part of the 1st Australian Task Force. The rotation of these two squadrons would continue until the withdrawal of Australian forces in 1972. When A Squadron was relieved by B Squadron in 1970, most member of that squadron were transferred to 2nd Cavalry Regiment whilst B Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment finished their term in country before returning to Australia and being relocated in Townsville to form the Regular Army Squadron presence in the North. B Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment remained at Townsville until its amalgamation with the 4th Cavalry Regiment in 1981. B Sqn is currently deployed to Afghanistan (Reconstruction Task Force), Iraq (OBG-W), Timor-Leste (Op Astute). B Sqn is renowned for its professionalism and is highly appraised by other organisations.

4th Cavalry

The 4th Cavalry Regiment was formed in 1971 by the redesignation of B Squadron, 2nd Cavalry as A Squadron. This was joined in 1975 by a newly raised Regimental Headquarters and B Squadron. The service of the regiment was short lived, as in 1981 it was decided to amalgamate it with the 3rd Cavalry Regiment to form the 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment.

Current Role

The 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment currently consists of a single squadron, B Squadron. It provides armoured transport to the Australian 3rd Brigade and is equipped with Bushmaster infantry mobility vehicles.

  • Battle Honours
    • (inherited battle honours of 3rd Cavalry Regiment)
    • Long Tan, Bien Hoa, Coral-Balmoral, Hat Dich, Binh Ba, Vietnam 1965-72

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