37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States)

The 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team is a modular Infantry Brigade of the United States Army National Guard of Ohio.


The 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team is the largest combat arms unit in the Ohio Army National Guard. Part of the 38th Infantry Division, it carries the lineage and honors of the 37th Infantry Division, and is known as the "Buckeye Brigade"

Currently under going transformation from the 37th Armored Brigade, to its current designation, it is one of 34 combat brigades in the United States Army National Guard. It has two Infantry Battalions (1-148th IN BN and 1-125th IN BN MI-NG) and a Light Reconnaissance Squadron (1-126th CAV SQDN MI-NG). Assisting these units there is one Field Artillery Battalion (1-134th FA BN), one Brigade Support Battalion (237th BSB), and one Brigade Special Troops Battalion (37th STB).

The unit was placed on alert on 9 April 2007 for possible deployment to Kuwait in 2008.

The Brigade was mobilized on 2 January, 2008 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, for a 12 month activation. Units of the Brigade were stationed throughout the theater in both Iraq and Kuwait, and were assigned a variety of missions ranging from camp support operations, resupply convoy escort, force protection, and civil reconstruction. This deployment was the largest in the Ohio Army National Guard history since the 37th Infantry Division was activated during WWII for the Pacific. The Brigade was commanded by COL Richard T. Curry and CSM Albert M. Whatmough.

Units Assigned During the Mobilization OIF '08

37th IBCT
Commander: COL Richard Curry
Command Sergeant Major: Albert Whatmough

Commander: CPT Robert Haenszel
1st Sergeant: 1SG David Thomas

1-125th IN (MI-NG)
Commander: LTC Gregory Durkac
Command Sergeant Major: CSM Dale Clarmont

1-148th IN
Commander: LTC Brian Tackett
Command Sergeant Major: CSM Rodger Jones

1-126th CAV (MI-NG)
Commander: LTC Clark Barrett
CommandSergeant Major: CSM Michael White

1-134th FA
Commander: LTC Steven Schemine
Command Sergeant Major: CSM Thomas Watson

G 237th BSB
Commander: CPT O'Connor
First Sergeant: 1SG James Miracle

37th STB
Commander: LTC John Dernberger
Command Sergeant Major: CSM Scott Barga

237th BSB
Commander: LTC Gerard Garvey
Command Sergeant Major: CSM William Horne

Order of Battle


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