33rd century BC


  • The Great God "Krishna", who is worshiped in all forms, as a boy, lover, warrior, brother, king, teacher, son, husband etc. known as "sampoorna bhagavan" (which means The Perfect God) is believed to be born in 33rd century BC.
  • Major climate shift possibly due to shift in solar activity. Glaciers expand, covering plants. Atmospheric temperatures fall to lowest levels.
  • Sahara changes from a habitable region into a barren desert.
  • Unification of the first Ancient Egyptian state, marking the beginning of the Ancient Egyptian civilization.
  • Ancient Egypt begins using clay, bone and ivory tags to label boxes. This is possibly the oldest writing in existence.
  • Indus Valley Civilization (also known as Harappan civilization or Sindu-Sarasvati civilization) began in Harappa.
  • c. 3300 BCPictographs in Uruk.
  • 3300 BC – 3000 BC; Face of a woman, from Uruk (modern Warka, Iraq) is made. It is now in Iraq Museum, Baghdad (stolen and recovered 2003).
  • 3300 BC – 3000 BC; Carved vase, called the Uruk Vase, from Uruk (modern Warka, Iraq) is made. It is now in Iraq Museum, Baghdad (stolen 2003 and returned).
  • Death of 'Ginger', the earliest known ancient Egyptian "mummy".

Significant persons

Inventions, discoveries, introductions

  • The Bronze Age begins in the Fertile Crescent. (Roux 1980)
  • Cattle introduced to the Nile valley. ('Eurasia')
  • Egyptians domesticate the wild ass of North Africa. (Clutton-Brock)

Decades and years

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