2024 aluminium alloy

2024 aluminium alloy

Aluminium alloy 2024 is an aluminium alloy, with copper and magnesium as the alloying elements. It is used in applications requiring high strength to weight ratio, as well as good fatigue resistance. It is not weldable, and has average machinability. Due to poor corrosion resistance, it is often clad with aluminium or Al-1Zn for protection, although this may reduce the fatigue strength.

Basic properties

Aluminum alloy 2024 has a density of 2.73 g/cm³ (0.098 lb/in³).

Mechanical properties

The mechanical properties of 2024 depend greatly on the temper of the material.


2024-O temper aluminium has no heat treating. It has a maximum tensile strength of 30,000-32,000 psi (207-220 MPa), and maximum yield strength of no more than 14,000 psi (96 MPa). The material has elongation (stretch before ultimate failure) of 10-12%.


T3 temper 2024 sheet has an ultimate tensile strength of 58,000-62,000 psi (400-427 MPa) and yield strength of at least 39,000-40,000 psi (269-276 MPa). It has elongation of 10-15%.


T351 temper 2024 plate has an ultimate tensile strength of 68 ksi (470 MPa) and yield strength of 41 kpsi (280 MPa). It has elongation of 19%.


Due to its high strength and fatigue resistance, 2024 is widely used in aircraft structures, especially wing and fuselage structures under tension.

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