1932 in chess

1932 in chess

Events in chess in 1932:


No tournaments in 1932 equal the strength of Bled 1931, but several important contests are held.


Alexander Alekhine remains World Champion as no championship matches are held.


Several record-breaking exhibitions were held in 1932.

  • George Koltanowski played 160 boards simultaneously at Antwerp, with 135 wins, 18 draws, and 6 losses.
  • Koltanowski also holds the blindfold simultaneous record with 30 boards, winning 20 and drawing 10 with no losses.
  • Alexander Alekhine played 60 teams of five players each in Paris, winning 37, drawing 17, and losing 6.
  • José Raúl Capablanca played 66 teams of five players each in Havana, winning 46, drawing 16, and losing 4.




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