1889 Atlantic hurricane season

1889 Atlantic hurricane season

The 1889 Atlantic hurricane season ran through the summer and the first half of fall in 1889.


Hurricane One

This hurricane didn't affect land, but was the first May hurricane on record in the Atlantic basin, and one of only 4 today.

Hurricane Two

Hurricane Three

Hurricane Four

A hurricane formed on September 1 east of Barbados. It moved northwestward, becoming a 100 mph storm while crossing Puerto Rico. From September 9 to the 12th it caused flooding and storm surge to the mid Atlantic as it stalled off the coast, causing 40 deaths.

Hurricane Five

Hurricane Six

On September 12, a tropical storm formed over the northern Lesser Antilles. It moved westward across the northern Caribbean, and on the 18th, hit the eastern Yucatán Peninsula as a Category 2 hurricane. After weakening over land, it turned northward, where it again strengthened to a Category 2. While moving northeastward over the Gulf of Mexico, it weakened, and hit near Pensacola, Florida on the 23rd. Its minimal intensity at its U.S. landfall resulted in little damage, but Yucatán fared a little worse. No damage was severe.

Tropical Storm Seven

Tropical Storm Eight

Tropical Storm Nine

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