150s BCE

List of monarchs of Kush

This is an incomplete list for rulers with the titles of Qore (Empress Dowager), Qo (king] and Kandake (Empress) of Kush. Some of the dates are only rough estimates. While the chronological list is well known only a few monarchs have definite dates. These include those leaders that also ruled Egypt and those who ruled during famous invasions or famous trade expeditions. The others are based on estimates made by Fritz Hintze. The estimates are based on the average length of the reigns, which were then shortened or lengthened based on the size and splendour of the monarch's tomb. The assumption being that monarchs who reigned longer had more time and resources to build their burial sites. An added complication is that in recent years there have been disputes as to which monarch belongs to which tomb.

Dates are definite and accurate for the Kushite rulers of the 25th Dynasty Egypt, when Egypt was absorbed by the Kushite Empire. The dates are also certain for kings Aspelta, Arakamani, Nastasen, and the Kandakes Shanakdakhete, Amanirenas, Amanishakheto, Amanitore, and Amanikhatashan.

The early part of the chronology is incomplete. The graves and pyramid burials in Sudan consist of remains of at least fourteen monarchs of the Kushite Empire preceding Piankhi, the earliest of which tombs dates from about 1020 BCE. Two of these are known: Alara and Kashta who immediately preceded Piankhi. It is also possible that another of the burials may have been of Aserkamani, who was living in 950 BCE and who carried out expeditions in Egypt and the Mediterranean coast of North Africa.

Capital at Napata

Napata sacked by Egypt in 592 BC by Psamtik II. Nubian leadership moves south

Capital transferred to Meroë.

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