13th motorised Division

13th (Western) Division

The 13th (Western) Division was one of the Kitchener's Army divisions raised from volunteers by Lord Kitchener. It fought at Gallipoli and in Mesopotamia (including the capture of Baghdad) and Persia during the First World War.

Unit History

The 13th Division had landed at Anzac on the Gallipoli peninsula in July 1915 in preparation for the August Offensive that was launched on August 6. Initially in reserve to the main breakout from Anzac by units of the New Zealand and Australian Division, the 38th and 39th Brigades were sent in as reinforcements as the attack stalled.

The 7th Gloucesters and the 8th Welch pioneers were sent to support the Wellington battalion of the New Zealand Infantry Brigade when it made the decisive assault on Chunuk Bair on the morning of August 8.

Battalions of the division formed the core of the force (known as "Baldwin's Brigade" after the commander, Brigadier General Anthony Baldwin) to capture Hill Q on August 9 but were not in position in time and so spent the day encamped on a small plateau beneath Chunuk Bair known as "The Farm". When the Turks counter-attacked on the morning of August 10 the division's troops on Chunuk Bair and at The Farm, about 3000 men, were wiped out.

Division moved to Helles? Withdrawn from Gallipoli in January 1916. Sent to Mesopotamia in February 1916.


The division consisted of the following brigades: 38th Brigade :


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