100 metre dash

100-yard dash

The 100-yard dash is a track and field event of 100 yards or 91.44 meters. It was part of the Commonwealth Games until 1966, and was included in the decathlon of the Olympics, at least in 1904. It is not generally used in international events (having been replaced by the 100-meter dash), but is still run in America, for instance in the IC4A competition.

Some notable 100-yard dash runners are the following:


Date Time Remarks
F. C. Saportas 1870 10.5 seconds official world record
W. C. Wilmer 1878 10.0 seconds official world record
Arthur Wharton 1886 10.0 seconds tied official world record
J. Owen, jr. 1890 9.8 seconds official world record
D. J. Kelly 1906 9.6 seconds official world record
Eric Liddell 1924 9.7 seconds British record
Eddie Tolan 1929 9.5 seconds official world record
Frank Wykoff Chicago June 7, 1930 9.4 seconds official world record, without starting blocks
Jesse Owens 1933 9.4 seconds tied the world record, set U.S. high school record
Mel Patton 1948 9.3 seconds official world record
James Jackson 1954 9.4 seconds tied U.S. high-school record, Alameda High School in Alameda, California
Frank Budd 1962 9.2 seconds official world record
Bob Hayes 1962 9.35 seconds
Bob Hayes 1964 9.1 seconds manual time
Charles Greene 1967 9.21 seconds
Houston McTear early 1970s 9.0 seconds unofficial and hand-timed. In 1975 registered a time of 9.30 seconds
Ivory Crockett 1974 9.0 seconds manual time


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