1 Aquarii

1 Aquarii

1 Aquarii, also known as 1 Aqr, is a multiple star in the constellation Aquarius. 1 Aqr A is a K-class giant. Its companions, B and C, are optical and have no physical relation to 1 Aqr A. 1 Aquarii is known to be an infrared source.



NAME Right ascension Declination Apparent magnitude (V) Database references
1 Aquarii B (BD-00 4064B) 20h 39m 21.8s +00° 28' 25 11.5 Simbad
1 Aquarii C (BD-00 4064C) 20h 39m 27.1s +00° 30' 07 11.3 Simbad

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