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Cue or CUE may refer to:

Places and objects

Event markers

  • Sensory cues in perception (experimental psychology)
  • Cue (theatrical), the trigger for an action to be carried out at a specific time, in theatre or film
  • Cue (lighting and sound), the electronic rendering of the specific action to be carried out inside an automated lighting or sound system
  • Cue (show control), the electronic rendering of the specific action(s) to be carried out at a specific time by a show control system
  • Voice cue in dance, words or sounds that help match rhythmic patterns of steps with the music
  • Cue mark used in motion picture film to signal projectionists of reel changes
  • Cueing, a technique used by Disc Jockeys where DJs once "cued" 45 and 33RPM records to the first sound by hand-turning the record forward and backward on a felt-faced turntable. This technique has been replaced by instant start digital devices. Similar in sound to "scratching" used in hip-hop and rap music.
  • Cue, a vocal message given by a group fitness instructor to inform participants of upcoming sequences, such as a change in stretching direction, etc.

Other uses

  • "Cue" (among other spellings), a spelled-out name for the letter Q in the English alphabet
  • Cue bid, a type of bid in the card game contract bridge
  • Cue sheet (computing), a file format using the ".cue" filename extension for specifying the layout of CD tracks
  • Cue, a post-rock band from Aris
  • Cue, an indie artist formerly signed to Stones Throw Records

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