The PLZ-45 is a 155 mm self-propelled howitzer used by the People's Liberation Army of China and the Kuwaiti Army.

The system was designed by Su Zhezi [苏哲子] of 674 Factory, and developed by Norinco, 123 Factory (Heilongjiang Hua’an Industry Group Company--黑龙江华安工业集团公司), 127 Factory (Tsitsihar Heping Machine Shop--和平机器制造厂), 674 Factory (Harbin First Machine Manufacture Limited Company 哈尔滨第一机器制造厂) and Beijing University of Science and Technology. It is based on Norinco's Type 89 (PLL01) 155mm/45-calibre towed gun-howitzer.

Saudi Arabia has purchased the howitzer and is expected to become a major user. [1]


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