OTE is the national telecommunications provider of Greece.

Standing for Hellenic Telecommunication Organization (Οργανισμός Τηλεπικοινωνιών Ελλάδος), OTE is the incumbent telecommunications operator of Greece.


OTE was created in 1949 to bring several related public and private enterprises under one telecommunications umbrella. Prior to this, telephony, telegraphy, local and international connections were fragmented and ill coordinated.

Up to 1998, the telecommunications market in Greece was a monopoly. The market was opened to competitors and OTE was gradually privatized. As a result, the Greek government currently holds 28% of the company's stock. Along with the rest of the telecoms market, OTE is regulated by the National Telecommunications and Post Commission (Εθνική Επιτροπή Τηλεπικοινωνιών και Ταχυδρομείων - EETT).

In 2007 Marfin Investment Group acquired 20% of the company, and in March 2008 sold it to German Deutsche Telekom.


The company covers the whole country with PSTN and ISDN telephone lines and also offers ADSL in most urban areas. OTE is a group of companies owning, besides the OTE fixed-line company, an ISP (Otenet), a mobile phone company (Cosmote) and other companies including OTE International Investments which in its turn owns telcos in Southeastern Europe (Bulgaria, FYROM, Romania, Serbia, etc.). On November 3, 2006 OTE sold its 90% stake in the Armenian telecom provider ArmenTel to a Russian company OJSC Vimpel-Communications. OTE also runs a TETRA network.


OTE is in possession of various daughter-companies, including Cosmote, Otenet and OTEGlobe which offer mobile, ISP and Internet backbone services respectively.


Area codes can be seen at List of dialing codes in Greece


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