Cline can refer to:

  • Term meaning "gradual change" (from the Greek [klīnein], "to lean")
    • Cline (population genetics), a gradual change of a character or feature (phenotype) in a species over a geographical area.
    • "Cultural cline" is a gradual change of a cultural characteristic or feature over a geographical area.
    • Thermocline, a layer within a body of water or air where the temperature changes with depth.
    • cline (linguistics) where the term cline refers to a list of words dealing with the same concept, arranged in order of intensity. For example a list could be made with words like "freezing", "cold", "cool", "tepid", "warm", "hot", and "scorching".
  • Antonov An-32, NATO reporting name of Cline


Of various etymology, primarily from German Klein, "small, insignificant".

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