panda bear

panda, lesser

or cat bear or bear cat

Long-tailed nocturnal raccoonlike carnivore (Ailurus fulgens, family Procyonidae) that inhabits high mountain forests in the Himalayas and adjacent eastern Asia. It is 20–26 in. (50–65 cm) long, excluding the 12–20-in. (30–50-cm) bushy, faintly ringed tail. It weighs 6–10 lbs (3–4.5 kg) and has soft, thick, reddish brown fur. The face is white, with a red-brown stripe from the eyes to the mouth. It eats plants, especially bamboo, and fruits and insects. Though an agile climber, it mostly feeds while on the ground.

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Panda Bear is the first solo album released by Animal Collective member Panda Bear. This album is also the very first Animal Collective related release. Soccer Star Records was formed and run by current Animal Collective member Deakin. It is now known as Paw Tracks but is no longer run by him.

Track listing

  1. "Inside a Great Stadium and a Running Race" (5:49)
  2. "Mich mit einer Mond" (4:10)
  3. "On the Farm" (4:00)
  4. "Ohne Titel" (2:38)
  5. "Fire!" (2:44)
  6. "O Please Bring Her Back" (3:35)
  7. "Ain't Got No Troubles" (3:59)
  8. "Winter in St. Moritz" (2:13)
  9. "Liebe auf den Ersten Blick" (4:41)
  10. "A Musician and a Filmmaker" (4:30)
  11. "We Built a Robot" (3:16)
  12. "Sometimes When It Hurts Bad Enough It Feels Like This" (4:01)
  13. "A Lover Once Can No Longer Now Be a Friend" (5:11)
  14. "Ohne Titel" (2:50)

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