drug trafficking

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, or HIDTA, is a program run by the United States Office of National Drug Control Policy. It was established in 1990 after the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 was passed.

The mission of the program is to enhance and coordinate America's drug-control efforts among local, state and Federal law enforcement agencies in order to eliminate or reduce drug trafficking and its harmful consequences in critical regions of the United States.

The term HIDTA also refers to each geographic location, usually a major city or border crossing, in which the program has established a headquarters. These headquarters are placed in locations considered to be major drug trafficking zones. The five HIDTA offices along the United States-Mexico border are grouped into a single "Southwest Border HIDTA" operation, the "New York / New Jersey HIDTA" and Michigan HIDTA. 28 HIDTAs have been designated since the program began.

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