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Obudu Cattle Ranch

The Obudu Cattle Ranch is a cattle ranch and resort located in the highlands of Cross River State in South Eastern Nigeria, only 45 miles from the border with Cameroon. It possesses a temperate climate due to its high altitude. The management recenly had a cable car installed, it brings guests from the base camp or 'bottom hill' to the summit of the ranch, it also plays host to the annual Obudu Mountain Race.

Obudu Cattle Ranch is located in at the hilltop not far from the Obudu town. The ranch is about a 35 minute drive from Obudu town which is about five hours from Calabar, the Cross River State capital. The Obudu ranch has a helipad and a small airport for access by air.

At the base of the hills on which the ranch is located lies a newly built world-class water park with state-of-art swimming facilities and water slides for children, teens and adults. The hilltop (cattle ranch) is about 11 km of winded road from the base and can be accessed by either the cable-car or the road.

The ranch has numerous pleasant mountain-area and country-side views. Tourist attractions include: the waterpark, cable-car, ranch cattle and horses, waterfall, Becheve nature reserve (canopy walk), honey and yoghurt factories and the ancient Anape village. There is also a standard golf course and hotel resort facilities for tourists and visitors.The biggest attraction is undoubtedly the cable-car which runs from the entrance to the resort at the bottom of the mountain up to the ranch resort at the summit. It is claimed to be the world's longest cable car system. It is built to a very high standard, is well maintained and is a very impressive achievement The ranch boasts of newly built ultra-modern conference centre, governor and presidential lodges and special chalets for tourists. The ranch community has a clinic, school, police post, night club and staff quarters. Unfortunately all this comes at a price! The resort's tariff is similar to that of the swankier Abuja and Lagos hotels; not overly expensive by international standards but beyond the resources of the vast majority of Nigerians and other West Africans

Tourists can easily access, Tinapa Resort, the newest tourist and business resort located in the same Nigerian State. it was used for the gulder ultimate search

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