Syzygium aromaticum


Syzygium is a genus of flowering plants, belonging to the myrtle family Myrtaceae. The genus comprises about 1100 species, and has a native range that extends from Africa and Madagascar through southern Asia east through the Pacific. Its highest levels of diversity occur from Malaysia to northeastern Australia, where many species are very poorly known and many more have not been described taxonomically. Some of the edible species of Syzygium are planted throughout the tropics worldwide. At times Syzygium was confused taxonomically with the genus Eugenia (ca. 1000 species), but the latter genus has its highest specific diversity in the neotropics. Syzygium and Eugenia are among the most poorly known of the large (> 500 species) genera of vascular plants.

Most species are evergreen trees and shrubs. Several species are grown as ornamental plants for their attractive glossy foliage, and a few produce edible fruit that are eaten fresh or used in jams and jellies, although the most economically important species is the clove Syzygium aromaticum, of which the unopened flower buds are an important spice.Selected species

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