Spanish capital

Capital region

Capital Region, also National Capital Region, is a common term for the region or district surrounding the capital city a country or any other administrative division. It is not always the official term for the region, but may sometimes be used as an informal synonym.

The official term Región Capital (Spanish: Capital Region) is used for one of the administrative regions of Venezuela.

Country examples include:

Capital region name Country
Australian Capital Territory Australia
Brussels-Capital Region Belgium
National Capital Region Canada
Copenhagen Capital Region Denmark
Île-de-France (the region including Paris and the departments that surround it) France
National District Dominican Republic
National Capital Region / National Capital Territory of Delhi India
National Capital Region Japan
National Capital Region Philippines
Seoul National Capital Area South Korea
National Capital Region United States

The term is also used by some subnational entities as follows:

Capital region name Subnational entity
Capital Regional District British Columbia
Capital District New York
Harrisburg metropolitan area Pennsylvania
National Capital Region (Quebec City) Quebec

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