Sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale

Lord Byron (chronology)

This is a chronology of events in the life of George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron (January 22 1788April 19 1824).


22 January – Born, 16 Holles Street, London.


Mother (Catherine Gordon) took lodgings in Queen Street, Aberdeen.


2 August – Father (John "Mad Jack" Byron) died in France never having seen his son.
Mother moved to flat in 64 Broad Street, Aberdeen.

1794–1798 – At Aberdeen Grammar School.


May 21 – George Gordon Byron became 6th Baron Byron of Rochdale on death of great-uncle.
August – With his mother took up residence at ancestral home, Newstead Abbey, near Nottingham.


Lived with Parkyns family, Nottingham. Tutored by "Dummer" Rogers.
July – Removed to London by John Hanson, Byron’s lawyer & business agent.
September – Attended Dr. Glennie's School, Dulwich Grove.
Spent Christmas holidays with Hanson family at Earl's Court, London.
Spent summer holiday in Newstead Abbey and fell in love with 1st cousin, Margaret Parker.


April – Entered Harrow School.
Spent summer with mother at Mrs Massingberd's, 16 Piccadilly, at Hanson's and in Cheltenham.
Christmas holidays in Bath with mother.


February – Newstead Abbey leased to Henry Edward Yelverton, 19th Baron Grey de Ruthyn.
July 21 – Mother rented Burgage Manor, Southwell.
September – Fell madly in love with neighbour's daughter, Mary Chaworth, of Annesley Hall. Refused to go back to Harrow.
January – Fell out with Lord Grey and returned to Harrow.
22 March – Started holiday at Burgage Manor and met the Pigots who lived opposite.


2 August – Played for Harrow in annual match v Eton at Lord’s. Scored 6 notches.
24 October – Went up to Trinity College, Cambridge University.
Friendships with E.N.Long & John Edleston began.


February – Got heavily in debt with moneylenders; dissipation in London.
April – Returned to Trinity College.
July – At Burgage Manor writing poems.
August – After acrimonious quarrel with mother escaped to London.
November – Collection of poems, Fugitive Pieces, privately printed.


January Second volume of poetry, Poems on Various Occasions, privately printed.
JuneHours of Idleness published. Back at Cambridge started friendships with Cam Hobhouse and Scrope Davies, Matthews and Hodgson.
December – Came down from Cambridge University for good.


FebruaryHours of Idleness ridiculed in the Edinburgh Review.
MarchPoems Original and Translated published.
July-August – At Brighton with John Hobhouse and Scrope Davies.


13 March – Took seat in the House of Lords.
English Bards and Scotch Reviewers published.
June 20 – Travelled to Falmouth with Hobhouse.
July 2 – Set sail with Hobhouse in the Lisbon packet, Princess Elizabeth.
July 7 – Arrived in Lisbon.
July 12-July 16 – Explored Sintra.
July 20 – Departed for Spain.
July 29 – Arrived Cádiz.
3 August – Sailed in the frigate, Hyperion.
4 August – Arrived at the Rock of Gibraltar.
16 August – Sailed for Malta in packet Townshend.
31 August – Arrived Malta.
September – Had romantic affair with Mrs Spencer Smith. Sailed in brig, Spider, for Greece & Albania.
29 September – Landed at Preveza.
1 October – Left for Ioannina.
11 October – Left for Tepelenë, Albania, to meet Ali Pasha.
31 October – At Joannina. Started poem, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage.
20 November – Visited Messolonghi.
25 December – Arrived Athens.


Mar-Apr – Toured Turkey, visited Smyrna, Ephesus, Troy.
May 3 – Swam Hellespont from Sestos to Abydos.
May 13 – Arrived Constantinople.
July 18 – Arrived Athens.
July 21 – Left for the Morea.
July 26 – Arrived Patras.
19 August(?) – At Athens: stayed in Capuchin monastery.
18 October – Returned Athens.


March – Wrote Hints from Horace & The Curse of Minerva
22 April – Sailed in the Hydra
30 April-June 2 – At Malta. Sailed for England in frigate Volage
July 14 – Landed Sheerness; at Reddish’s Hotel, St James’ Street.
1 August – Mother died.
3 August – At Newstead Abbey; Matthews drowned at Cambridge.
16 October – Visited Cambridge University with Scrope Berdmore Davies.
28 October – Took up residence at 8 St James' Street, London.
4 November – Dinner with Samuel Rogers to meet the poet Thomas Moore.
19 December – After further visit to Cambridge left for Newstead, where Byron had an affair with Welsh maid, Susan Vaughan.


27 FebruaryMaiden speech in House of Lords.
10 MarchChilde Harold’s Pilgrimage Cantos I & II published, which made Byron famous overnight.
25 March – First saw Annabella Milbanke.
April – Affair with Lady Caroline Lamb started.
15 August – Thomas Claughton offered £140,000 for Newstead but delayed payment.
September – Wrote Drury Lane Theatre Address at request of Lord Holland.
October – Proposal of marriage to Annabella Milbanke rejected; Wrote The Waltz.
24 October – Left for Eywood, Presteign, to visit the Oxfords.
21 November – Left Eywood to stay with Jerseys at Middleton.
30 November – At Batt's Hotel, Dover Street, London.
14 December(?) – Back at Eywood.


19 January – Took lodgings at 4 Bennet Street, St James'.
May 29 – Accompanied Moore to visit Leigh Hunt in prison.
June 1 – Last speech in House of Lords.
June 8 – First edition of The Giaour published.
June 20 – Met Madame de Stael for first time.
August – Correspondence with Miss Milbanke begun.
September – Visit to Wedderburn Webster and dallied with Lady Frances Webster.
19 October – "Spared" Lady Frances and returned to London.
14 November – Began Journal (continued to April 19 1814).
2 DecemberBride of Abydos published.


1 FebruaryCorsair published. 10,000 copies sold on day of publication.
March – Sat to Phillips for portrait.
March 28 – Rented apartment in Albany, Piccadilly.
April 2 – With Augusta at her home at Six Mile Bottom, Cambs
April 16Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte published anonymously.
July 1 – At Duke of Wellington's Ball.
July 22 – At Hastings with Augusta.
6 AugustLara published with Samuel Rogers' Jacqueline.
9 September – Tentative proposal to Annabella Milbanke.
15 September – Received Annabelle's acceptance of proposal of marriage.
29 October – Left for Seaham, near Durham, Annabella’s home.
30 October-31 October – At Six-Mile-Bottom with Augusta.
2 November – Arrived Seaham.
16 November – Left for London.
18 November – At Cambridge.
19 November-22 November – At Six Mile Bottom.
23 November – Applauded by undergraduates at Cambridge University.
24 November – London.
24 December – Left with Hobhouse for Seaham.
25 December – Christmas at Six Mile Bottom.
30 December – Arrived Seaham.


2 January – Married to Miss Annabella Milbanke at Seaham.
2 January-21 JanuaryTreaclemoon at Halnaby, Yorkshire.
21 January9 March – At Seaham.
12 March-28 March – At Six Mile Bottom.
29 March – Settled at 13 Piccadilly Terrace, London.
April 7 – Met Sir Walter Scott at John Murray, Albemarle Street.
April 17 – Death of Lord Wentworth; Milbankes took name of Noel.
AprilHebrew Melodies published with musical score by Nathan.
May – Became member of Management Sub-Committee, Drury Lane Theatre.
June-July – Visited Leigh Hunt at Maida Vale, London.
July 29 – Signed new will leaving estate residue to Augusta Leigh.
October – Wrote Siege of Corinth.
November – Wrote Parisina.
10 December – Birth of Ada Lovelace, poet’s only legitimate daughter.


April 19 – Died.

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