Samolus floribundus


Samolus (Brookweed, or water pimpernel) is a nearly cosmopolitan genus of about a dozen species of water-loving herbs. It was formerly treated as part of the Primulaceae or Theophrastaceae, but is now often placed in its own family, the Samolaceae. Species

The last complete taxonomic treatment of this genus recognizes the following species:

  • Samolus cinerascens
  • Samolus dichondrifolius
  • Samolus ebracteatus
  • Samolus junceus
  • Samolus porosus
  • Samolus pyrolifolius
  • Samolus repens
  • Samolus junceus
  • Samolus spathulatus
  • Samolus subnudicaulis
  • Samolus vagans
  • Samolus valerandi

Samolus valerandi is native to a very wide area across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas; the other species have more restricted ranges.


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