Iwo, city (1991 est. pop. 320,000), SW Nigeria. It is the trade center for a farm region specializing in cacao. A coffee plantation is located nearby. Iwo was the capital of a Yoruba kingdom (founded in the 17th cent.) that grew rapidly in the 19th cent. by taking in refugees during the Yoruba civil wars.

Iwo is a city in Osun State, Nigeria, it was formerly a part of Oyo State. It is situated between Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State (as at 2005), and Osogbo, the capital of Osun State.


As of 2007 the estimated population of Iwo city is 275,332. The people are primarily of Yoruba descent, and are predominantly muslim. The towns primary economic activity is agriculture with the primary crops being cocoa, yams, corn, cassava, and palm oil, however textiles are an important economic activity as well.

Educational System

Among the major secondary schools are the Iwo Grammar School, the United Methodist High School, the Baptist High School, St. Mary's High School, the L.A. Secondary School, and the Anwar-ul-Islam Grammar School as well as several others.

Baptist Teachers' Training College was located at Oke Odo in Iwo, but this facility is now used as the campus of Bowen University. Another institution in Iwo is Shariah College of Nigeria, which used to be in Ibadan before it was relocated to its permanent site at Oke-Afo, Iwo.


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