Gnaphalium sylvaticum


Gnaphalium is a genus of plants commonly called cudweeds belonging to the family Asteraceae. There are about 120 members of the genus mostly found in temperate regions although some are found on tropical mountains or in the sub-tropical regions of the world.

Cudweeds are important foodplants for American Painted Lady caterpillars.

Species include

Gnaphalium affine
Gnaphalium californicum - California everlasting
Gnaphalium exilifolium - slender cudweed
Gnaphalium hypoleucum
Gnaphalium indicum
Gnaphalium japonicum
Gnaphalium keriense
Gnaphalium luteoalbum - Jersey cudweed
Gnaphalium palustre - western marsh cudweed
Gnaphalium polycaulon - manystem cudweed
Gnaphalium uliginosum - marsh cudweed
Gnaphalium sandwicensium - ena ena, Hawaii
Gnaphalium supinum
Gnaphalium sylvaticum - wood cudweed

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