Druze is a religion that started in the twentieth century. The first group that followed this religion lived in southern Lebanon and northern Israel. These people have a little different religious beliefs when compared to others. They believe that Adam was not the first human being, but the first person that believed in one God.

The religion is a blend of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The people that mentored this religion along with the prophets, came from all three of these religions. What makes the Druze followers stand out is that they think that all of the ceremonies and rituals that the people of these three religions participate in, have caused people to lose their pureness and faith. They think that those who believe God will forgive them just because they go on a fast or pray but then turn around and commit the same sin over again proves this.

In the Druze religion, there is not rituals or ceremonies performed and no religious holidays. These people will honor God every day, and do not need one day marked on a calendar to do so. They do have guidelines that they follow and they are:

Speak the truth

Support your brethren

Abandon old creeds

Purification from heresy

Accept the unity of God

Submit to the will of God

The Druze religion is still around today, and makes up around 3 percent of the people living mostly in Jabal al Arab. Many people have not heard about this religion because it is kept extremely secret and does not allow any converts.

This religion is one that believes in action over words. Instead of talking about being pure, and apologizing for mistakes, they believe that a person needs to do the right thing. If a mistake is made, try to fix what was done, and not repeat the error.

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