The Effing 69 World Tour

The Effing 69 World Tour is a tour DVD released by the 'nintendocore' group HORSE the band. It is available to the public through their online store, and at their merchandise table at concerts.


The tour DVD is of their tour starting July 5, 2004. Much of the material is the band playing almost all of their songs from their first major label full-length release, R. Borlax. Also included on are performances of three 'never heard before' songs, which are all available on their second full-length, The Mechanical Hand.

What the fans of the band enjoy the most about the DVD is the scenes of the band goofing off and enjoying the tour. Of the footage, the band is seen at convenience stores, partying with their fans, and riding in their bus on their way to venues. There are also scenes of the band members engaging in disguisting behavior, from the band's former bassist Andy Stokes engaging in slow motion sexual acts with a stuffed bear, to the band at a party using a funnel to insert alcohol into one of the member's sphincter.

The DVD also includes footage of the band's very beginnings in high school, as well as footage of the original members of the band preparing to play a concert at the school.

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