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.рф (Punycode: xn--p1ai; Российская Федерация, transliterated: Rossiyskaya Federatsiya, Russian Federation) is a hypothetical future Internet top-level domain for use by the Russian Federation.

Intended use and commentary

If this domain is created, it will be intended for website names to be in the Russian language — or at least the Cyrillic alphabet. In a press release in December 2007, Alexei Lesnikov of RU-Center suggested that the "administrative and technical difficulties" would be overcome within the following 12 months; as of September 2008, however, the top-level domain has yet to be launched. Lesnikov also suggested that an auction for domain names could be highly successful, as was the case with a similar domain name auction on the .su ccTLD.

With comparisons being made with an equivalent Chinese TLD of .中国, it is anticipated that take-up of a Russian Cyrillic TLD could outstrip demand for the Latin alphabet equivalent, .ru. That said, however, Veni Markovski, the regional manager covering Russia for ICANN believes the TLD is likely to be "unlikely to prove to be anything more than an eye-catching headline" As another commenter pointed out: "ICANN will have to finish testing IDN TLDs before they can be introduced by Country Code managers. But once that happens, expect Russia to be at the front of the queue." By contrast, the Bulgarian government announced its official intent to register .бг (.bg) in a letter to ICANN in June 2008.

Choice of characters

One of the principles that ICANN's Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) would like to keep is that Greek and Cyrillic two-character top-level domains should not exclusively use characters that could be confused for Latin characters of identical or similar shapes — a problem that particularly limits Cyrillic choices. As such, GNSO would seek to avoid the direct transcription of "ru" into Cyrillic, "ру", and common abbreviations for Russia (Россия), such as "ро", in order to avoid confusion with the Latin ccTLDs .py (Paraguay) and .po (currently unassigned).


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