Üzeyir Garih

Üzeyir Garih (1929 – August 25, 2001) was a prominent Turkish Jewish businessman and a founding partner of the Alarko group of companies.


He was born in 1929 in Istanbul, Turkey, and graduated from Istanbul Technical University with a degree in mechanical engineering. He started his professional life within the Turkish subsidiary of Carrier Corporation. In 1954, he became one of the two founders of Alarko, in partnership with İshak Alaton, and remained with Alaton the co-president of the company until his death.

Üzeyir Garih was stabbed to death on 25 August 2001 in the cemetery of the historic İstanbul quarter of Eyüp, while on one of his regular visits to the tomb of a sufi sheikh, to whose teachings he was attached along with his Jewish faith. The murderer, Yener Yermez, could be tracked down and arrested after ten days, and is imprisoned for life. Although the police investigation determined the act to be an isolated one, questions are continuing to be raised in the press on several aspects of the murder.

Aside from his business activities, Üzeyir Garih was a very active participant in various private sector organizations, and a keen writer. He notably published a six volume account of his experiences, and a number of books on education, management and economy. He also frequently wrote articles for the written press.

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