ICGV Óðinn

Launched: January, 1960
Commissioned: 1960
Decommissioned: 2006
Fate: Museum piece
General characteristics
Displacement: 910 tonnes
Length: 63.68 m
Beam: 10 m
Draft: 5.40 m
Power: 2096 kW
Propulsion: B&W V.B.F 62 x 2
Speed: 18+ knots
Complement: 19
Aircraft: One helicopter.
Gun: 40 mm Bofors L60 MKIII
Radars: Surface Search: Sperry; E/F-band. Navigation: Furuno; I-band

The ICGV Óðinn Offshore Patrol Vessel is the oldest ship currently operated by the Icelandic Coast Guard. It is believed that her Burmaster & Wain engines are only such engines that are still serviceable in the world today.

In the Movies

ICGV Óðinn was used as scenery in the movie Flags of our Fathers, when it was filmed in Iceland the summer of 2005. And rescued one of the landing boats used in the movie, as it was about to be thrown into a cliff.

Previous Óðinn's

  • The first ICGV Óðinn was the second Icelandic Coast Guard vessel that was commissioned and the first purposely built as a patrol ship. She was built in Denmark in 1925 and arrived in Iceland on June 23 1926. A steel ship with a displacement of 512 tonnes, she was armed with two 57mm cannon. As a result of severe financial mismanagement of the Icelandic Government she was sold cheaply to Sweden in 1936.
  • The second ICGV Óðinn was built on Akureyri in 1938. She was only 85 tonnes and made of oak. When the current Óðinn was commissioned she was renamed Gautur which is one of Óðinn's pseudonyms. She was decommissioned in 1964.

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