Éliane Jeannin-Garreau

Éliane Jeannin-Garreau

Éliane Jeannin Garreau (March 18 1911June 15 1999) served in World War II in France as part of the French Resistance.


She was the "right-hand person" to the leader of the French Resistance. Nazis captured her and placed her in Ravensbruck. While there, she was tortured for the name of the leader (whom they had also unknowingly captured) but she wouldn't speak. When she wasn't being tortured or working she would draw different scenes of what was happening in the women's concentration camps.

She was eventually released and married Roger Garreau in 1948. She had one daughter, Anne. She wrote a book about her experiences, titled Les Cris de la Memoire or Cries of Memory. She had her sister, Nicole Jeannin Neilson, translate it for her into English (Neilson also served in WWII as a codebreaker). She met her American husband during the war and moved to California where she lived with her husband and eight children.

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