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"Amazing app! I'm so excited to never have to deal with writing and keeping track of a stack of index cards - all of my flash cards are in one place on my iPhone!" - Ashly M.

"The Flashcards app from Dictionary.com has been a great tool to help me improve my English vocabulary. I really love it!" - Silvia R. "I'm a 7th grader and I love the Flashcards app for studying vocabulary lists in my advanced Language Arts class - I like that I can study the spelling, definition and part of speech all in one iPhone app!" - Jenna S.
"I love the Dictionary.com Flashcards app! I hate studying with a stack of flashcards but since I'm always on my phone anyway, now I'm studying definitions all the time!" - Mariem C. "This is such a powerhouse Flashcard app, especially considering it is free! Dictionary.com really came through - and I love the pre-built decks!" - Sheila S.

"This is the best free Flashcard app I've found on the iPhone. The excellent interface and quiz features are a great study tool!" - Rashae G.

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